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(Available for all Samsung Wave's family with bada 2.0)

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Comments and support

  • Manuel (Admin)

    Welcome on the Infinity Theme demo/support page :) Ask here for support

  • Raine

    I bought this theme, but it does not appear in my list of themes. What to do? instead of the theme, there was an empty blank. when it is clicked, my wave go to reboots

    • Manuel (Admin)

      Can you delete that and re-download from Samsung Apps? If yes try to do that. If not ask support at Samsung Apps because it’s not a problem of the theme. I’m sorry

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  • Raine

    I`m sad :( how to delete a theme which I do not see it? I want to try to remove the theme and download again

    • Manuel (Admin)

      You have to try ask support at Samsung Apps because it’s not a problem of the theme.

  • ximao

    Very nice theme, thanks

  • ermoto

    ho appena scaricato la versione pro, complimenti bel lavoro! Hai fatto test sulla durata della batteria con il tema attivo?

    • Manuel (Admin)

      Usandolo quotidianamente ho notato che non c’é (secondo me) molto consumo di batteria, anche perché il tema è attivo solo quando lo schermo è acceso quindi a meno che uno non lo lascia sempre accesso non ci dovrebbe essere molto consumo xD

  • Lebed

    Please, add this theme to Samsung apps Ukraine!

    • Manuel (Admin)

      The theme is available in 120 countries included Ukraine. I don’t know why you can’t see it. Try again tomorrow :)

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  • badaWORLDinfo

    This theme is pretty good :) I hope that we’ll be able to turn off the clock in menu (under the icons) in the future version of app.

    • Manuel (Admin)

      Yes yes, like I yet said to you, it will be possible. Many thanks for the article on your site :D

  • ehrior

    The theme and the video are awesome, and I hope I can buy the theme when bada 2.0 is released, but you should explain more all the details of your theme.
    Does it show Facebook/Twitter messages? chatOn messages?
    Does it have radio support as music?
    Does it show to-do-tasks or appointments? The weather? coming birthdays?
    Can it show two different times?
    Can you distinguish between messages from people of your agenda or not?
    Can you distinguish between missed phone calls from people of your agenda?
    Can you show how many apps are running on the phone?
    Can you provide a color configuration that changes with time: Bright color during daytime and dark colors during night?
    Can you provide a straightforward access to some programs: chatOn,email,agenda…?
    Can you use color combination to unlock the phone?
    Can you provide access to wifi/ bluetooth configuration?

    I hope some of ideas can help you to improve your theme.

    Try to improve it and make it as much useful as possible and people will pay around 2 or 3 euros for your outstanding theme. Keep working these days improving your theme and keep updating it. bada 2.0 will provide users many new applications and the uses of your theme are endless, so try to keep updating it and your theme will be the most popular between bada users.

    • Manuel (Admin)

      First of all: thanks xD
      Second: woow how many questions! I’ll try to answer them all:
      1) No, only text messages *
      2) No, only music player *
      3) No. *
      4) At the moment no
      5) Absolutely not *
      6) No *
      7) No. because i think people can get annoyed with that if the clock automatically set at a color that they don’t like 8) No *
      9) I can’t understand the sense of this. Can you explain it please?
      10) No *

      All the answers marked with * are technically impossible to do at the moment because bada does not provide it. For example the system gives information about the Song playing in the music player but not in Radio. Or another example you can’t access to information like number of apps installed, or launch an App or something else because the system does not allow you.

      Almost all the things that bada provide at the moment for doing themes are included in this theme, trust me. The only thing that miss in this keeping some images from the gallery of the phone, but there is no sense to put something like that in a this theme because is not needed.

      Anyway…thanks very much for the support and for your interest in it, I apparecchiate it! :)

      • ehrior

        It’s a pity bada is missing so many features. Anyway, great job!

        Do you need a further explanation about the color unlock screen? Instead of a number combination, your theme can implement a colour system unlock screen, so choosing a color combination such as red, blue, white, yellow, blue, red can unlock the phone. When bada is more mature, different colour combinations can provide user diffent actions

        I wish bada would implement more features, so your theme can be more useful. Anyway, try to contact to Samsung to ask more support and more features. Looking forward to using your theme!!

  • Fosamobi

    Hello dear Manuel
    I bought this Theme on Samsung Apps and I don’t instal the Theme
    I don’t found this Theme
    I am a expert and I build Custom Firmware for others, and on SamMobile
    I had a Firmware KK7 version for Wave 1
    I try ton download application from the Apps and it’s OK, the application is installed correctly, but with your Theme, it’s impossible
    Will I be able to get the file in SMT ?
    I managed to install themes manually, but since the Apps, it does not work
    Thank for your reponse
    Best Regard

    • Manuel (Admin)

      Hi Fosamobi, unfortunately I’ve noticed that some users have had your same problem but I think is not a problem of the theme. If you manage firmwares you have to know that sometimes firmwares have some bugs and for this type of bugs (when other user installed successfully the theme) you have to ask support to Samsung (Apps) but of course you know that the reply to you from Samsung will be: “How did you take that firmware? That isn’t an official firmware so we can’t provide support to you”

      About the SMT file I don’t think you can get it and I can’t release it because first of all it will reset the advantages of release it through Samsung Apps and second users that already have bought the theme will be very angry with me because they spent money.

      My tip is to wait the release of official firmware and then download it again.

      Anyway, thanks very much for buying and sorry for the trouble!

      • phantm

        hey manuel,
        if you could give the smt file, i’ll transfer 1 euro to you :-)

        if you don’t mind contact me :-)

        lovely greets

  • wffarrel

    Wow! Nice theme simple but elegant..

    Sir Fosamobi I manage to install this theme w/ my kk7 ver. of badaturkey..
    Install it on your sdcard…

  • phantm

    just tried to download your theme about 100 times from bada app but everytime i try to download it, it tells me internal error 0xff0b and i cant download it.

    i tried phone bill…

    any idea??


    • Manuel (Admin)

      But it gives you the problem before the download start??

      • phantm

        yip…im clicking on buy (phone bill) and it gives me (after a few secs) internal error… =(

        • Manuel (Admin)

          Ok I understand…If so I think it is a problem of Samsung Apps. I also noticed this problem sometimes with new firmware. Are you under a strong internet connection?

        • phantm

          yip at the moment ive got wlan

  • Fosamobi

    I succeded to install the Theme in Beta version (KK7 for 8500 and KK5 for 8530)
    To install the Theme, You must have a SD Card
    If you are to error since the Download for Samsung Apps, re-flash your Wave
    After flash your Wave, Setting your Wave
    Copy all your Data on SD Card on your PC
    Format you SC Card since the Wave : > Setting > Main > Memory > Format SD Card
    After Setting your Wave, Go in Setting > Network > Active Data Connexion
    Configure your Samsung Apps Account
    In Setting, Go in General (or Main) > Installation Location > Memory Card
    Check again if your Installation is in Memory Card
    Go on Samsung Apps
    Connect to your account (My page ?)
    Select the Infinity Theme (that you are paid) since Samsung Apps in your Download
    Download Infinity Theme and Wait Installation
    Go back on desktop of your Wave
    Go in Setting > Connectivity > USB > Mass Storage
    Connect your Wave on your PC
    Go in the memory of your SD Card
    In others, your are a folder “__@@bada_applications@@__”
    Go in this Folder and after, go in Folder “l8f5pt2178″ and Res Folder
    You are the theme “Infinity.smt.dcf”
    The DCF extension is a copyright to avoid to copy a file
    Copy the file “Infinity.smt.dcf” on your desktop of your PC
    Unplug your Wave to exit Mass Storage, close Mass Storage function
    and plug your Wave, (Kies Mode by Default)
    Go in the Memory of your Wave (Phone)
    You are 4 folders “Images, Others, Sounds, Videos”
    Create a new folder “Themes”
    Copy the “Infinity.smt.dcf” in Themes Folder
    If you are error on Windows, click on Ignore All
    Unplug your Wave
    (You can unplug and plug your wave to verify that the Infinity Theme is in Themes Folder)
    Go in Setting > Display > Theme
    In the low, you are Infinity Theme
    Apply and select the Theme

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  • berkay

    Hello. Video is awesome. Well done guys!
    But i cant download it because it doesnt support wave I.
    Will there be support for WAVE I? And if answer is yes, when? Because this theme is awesome and i want to use it. Pleaseee :)

    • Manuel (Admin)

      Hi…it supports the Wave I but Samsung Apps doesn’t release the support at that device because bada 2.0 has not been already released officially. When bada 2.0 will come out also the theme for Wave I and Wave II will be available on S. Apps

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  • Pietro Basso

    VERSIONE WAVE 723: L’ho appena installato, e posso dirvi subito che l’animazione funziona solamente nella schermata di blocco. Nello sfondo invece niente, c’è semplicemente l’immagine standard. È un problema o è fatto così?

    • Manuel (Admin)

      Anche se ti ho scritto su Twitter ti rispondo qui più che altro per fare chiarezza agli altri utenti che avranno lo stesso dubbio:
      Il Samsung Theme Designer al momento non permette la possibilità di selezionare un file Flash per lo sfondo. Sembra quindi che (almeno per ora) il Wave 723 non supporta gli sfondi animati ma solo le lockscreen animate.

  • Anonimo

    Da oggi è disponibile anche per Wave Y, M e 723.


    From today Infinity is available also for Wave Y, M and 723

  • mike

    ma possibile che sia a pagamento?

    • Manuel (Admin)

      Si costa 1 €. Perché?

  • Daniel Anton94

    Make a trial version

  • Matteo Pirredda

    ciao! Ho Wave S8500 con bada2.0 ufficiale via kies, ma non mi fa scaricare il tema, dicendomi che il mio dispositivo non è supportato.. . sai dirmi perchè?

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  • sons


  • Vinceimprota

    Ciaocho n samsung Wave lite s5250 ho installato samsung kies su pc, come faccio a scaricare temi giochi 

    • Manuel_badaBlogItalia

      o accedendo al Samsung Apps dal tuo telefono oppure dal Kies sempre accedendo alla sezione Samsung Apps

  • Vincenzo

    Buona sera ho un samsung s5250 sistema bada, come posso scaricare e passare dal pc  temi o giochi sul telefono ? mi potete aiutare?? Grazie

    • aiutatore

       vai su MOBILE9 e cerca quello che vuoi e certamente scarica !!!!!!! metti sulla sceda di memoria oppure sul cell. e installa -sono compatibili solo i giochi java

    • Manuel_badaBlogItalia

      per i temi ecco qui un ottima guida:
      per le altre cose o ti colleghi con sTune (trovi il download nell’articolo del link sopra) o semplicemente copiandoli collegandolo al pc col cavo

    • Olly

       Semplice o usi il bluetooth del mobile o lo attacchi al computer fisso tramite il collegamento USB

  • sofrrente

    come avete fattooooooooooo????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    • Manuel (Admin)

      a fare che?? xD

  • fd

    ma…proprio devo pagare 1euro????????????????????

    • Manuel (Admin)

      Purtroppo sviluppare questi temi richiede tempo, ed il tempo in genere va ripagato. Se ti piace ti posso comunque assicurare che li vale a livello qualitativo, se invece non ti piace allora non lo scaricare, non voglio avere acquirenti delusi :)

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  • Airbone98

    belli ma dove li trovo nel market?

    • Manuel_badaBlogItalia

      Basta che clicchi sulla versione che vuoi (in base al telefono che hai) e ti si apre la pagina del Samsung  Apps da cui poterlo scaricare

      • Rifad Hossain

        tipo ke sito???

  • Airbone98

    MA CI SONO ALTRI MARKET ALTERNATIVI (samsung app ha ritto i coglioni)

  • Nyi Tun


  • Seul Seul